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Welcome to la musica dentro – the music inside. We are Mirella and Wes, and we love the Northern half of Italy!

Mirella is the artist and the cook (and photographer), and has lived and worked in Europe as a freelance illustrator. Her food is in the traditional casalinga style with a strong Veneto influence, and her art often reflects our experiences in Italy.

Wes is the photographer with an engineering background. Having spent a technical career in workshops has discovered his song in the mountains, hills and valleys of Italy.

Immersing ourselves in Italian culture, history, art, architecture, food, and maybe most importantly, the countryside – la campagna, is what we love to do. See our posts for must see locations, with tips on what to see and how to get there.

We hope you will find value in our experiences driving around the North of Italy (anywhere above Rome). There is so much to see from the high-tourist ‘bucket list’ destinations to the unexpected discoveries.

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